Playing Closer to Home

 Playing games in Arizona have been great so far.  The weather is perfect, it’s always sunny, plus it’s not too hot this time of year. Best of all, there’s NO HUMIDITY!  Being from Northern California, that was one of the biggest adjustments I had to make in playing in the Southeast.  It’s nice to go outside and not be dripping sweat after 10 minutes of shagging BP.  Another advantage of playing closer to home is that it makes it easier for family and friends to come visit and see us play.  My Dad was able to come out a couple weeks ago and my Mom is out here now.  Since we play mostly day games, it gives us the rest of the day to spend with family and we are able to go out to a good dinner and catch up.  

 We have most of the evenings and every Sunday off, so we have a lot more time to go see movies and play golf.  I played a round today and was brutal.  As I had mentioned before, Lee Hyde had been borrowing my clubs for the last few weeks and was blaming my clubs for his bad rounds.  I didnt believe him, but after the way I played today he may be right.  Last week I saw Law Abiding Citizen with Jamie Foxx and it was awesome.  One of the better movies I have seen in a while.  One of my favorite books growing up was Where the Wild Things Are, so of course we had to go see that one too.
   As for baseball, things are going much better for our team.  After a slow start, we have won a couple of games this week and are starting to come up with some big hits and more consistent pitching.  Some of the line drives that Freddie Freeman was hitting right at people are starting to fall for hits.  Brandon Hicks continues to swing the bat well and is really having success out here.  Mike Minor has been throwing the ball great and pitched 3 solid innings in his last start.  Lee Hyde continues to look awesome.  Our pitching coach Jim Czajkowski and I made a few mechanical adjustments this week and it has really helped with my command and I’m starting to feel more comfortable on the mound.  
 Feel free to keep sending me your questions and I’ll do my best to answer them.


  1. jcs21689

    What are some of the adjustments that you made with coach Czajkowski that has made a difference in your arsenal of pitches? Will you be at Spring Training with Jason Heyward?


    Hey Jeff. Yes, it was great seeing you and I definitely like having you in the same time zone. I was really impressed with the Fall League. I like it better than Spring Training because it is less hectic and you get a chance to see some really hot prospects working hard. No crowds and great weather. From a fans viewpoint it is lots of fun. Have fun with your buddies this week from LA. See you soon. mom


    I stumbled across this website and was amazed to see you. I am Bob Armando, the big greg headed guy that use to sit behind you at the Rivercats games. If you remember I am the cousin of the Carters. I along with Chuck and Francis Collings wish you well. My how time flies. It doesn’t seem like to long ago that you were that young boy with your brother and father watching the Rivercats. Hopefully soon we will be watching you.

    Bob, Chuck, Francis


    Hey Jeff,
    Got on the website to check stats and there you were. Hope you are doing well. I will continue to keep my eye on this site and catch your blogs. Great Job.
    Miss Kay

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